The Blue Wave is Her Wave

By Dahna Goldstein

I've been paying closer attention to primaries across the country than I have in previous years. While much has already been researched and written about how women are leading the blue wave, I'll add one data point.

I started tracking the number of Democratic women in Congressional primaries on July 23. There were 253 women candidates. 

There have been 16 primaries since then (including run-offs) and 1 special election. I would have expected the number of women continuing to the November ballot to drop precipitously.

It has dropped - as of Sept 5th, there were 209 Democratic women candidates, with primaries yet to happen - but given the number of districts represented in those primaries, not precipitously. And a good number of those who have lost their primaries have lost to other women.

This gives me confidence in the direction this county will take. The future is female.


dahna goldstein