Meet the Inspiring Women Who Were Honored with Voices of the Year Awards at the #BlogHer19 Creators Summit
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The first award was presented by Nashville star Connie Britton to Alexandra Posen, artist and co-founder of Resistance by Design, a company that allows you to wear your values on your sleeve — quite literally. Posen and her team create T-shirts and scarves covered in empowering, feminist art. (Their HerWave scarf, depicting all the progressive female candidates who were on the ballot last November, was widely covered in the press last year.) When you buy one of these products, you’re not just getting a cool accessory; a portion of each sale goes to organizations that support liberal and progressive women running for office. Posen accepted the Art As Impact award while wearing the organization’s latest For Freedom scarf, which features artistic representations of the moments, movements and trailblazers that have brought about significant progress for women. “Cheerlead the hell out of your friends,” Posen advised the audience. Amen to that, we say.


Alexandra Posen