Activism and Art seem the only antidote to these crazy times. This summer, in a creative fever fueled by political panic, I drew all of the women running on the Democratic ticket for Congress. They gave me hope. I saw their record numbers (200+) as a sea change and rescue vessel. I imagined them as a powerful army of fierce, compassionate and whip smart sheroes arriving in silhouette on the horizon to save the day.

In deciding to draw each of them, I looked deeply at every single candidate, seeking to capture their individual truths — this one orating at a rally, that one meditating with a warm cup of tea, another throwing a wild smile across the room. With every portrait I drew, I felt emboldened and inspired. I could see their hard work, I could see their strength, I could see their sacrifice. I saw beauty in them all — though not the kind of packaged beauty that we normally ascribe to women- something much better and more inclusive. A radical representation of female beauty. Power, humanity and leadership.

Weaving the portraits together into one unifying scarf design introduced another level of meaning and poetry. The HERWAVE Silk Wrap is an exercise in visualizing hope and recognizing the profound beauty of these powerful leaders.

We must return to a government of the people, by the people and for the people — so we do not vanish from this earth. While this project is deeply feminist — it is also simply humanist. Diversity is essential and representation matters. Women are the agents that can lead this charge and bring about the needed change.

Alexandra Posen