This Moment and This Movement

We sold our first HERWAVE 2018 silk wrap on September 13th.  My mom helped test the checkout process.  Alex and I unveiled Resistance by Design on September 14th by posting on Facebook, and sales started coming in.  We had begun production the week before in a factory in NY, after Alex had spent all of August feverishly drawing all of the Democratic women running for Congress.

In just a few weeks, this piece of political fashion has gone from a digital file to a statement being made across the country.  

The enthusiasm for the scarves has been humbling and inspiring.  The momentum behind it is a testament in part to Alex's incredible talent.  But it also signals, I think, that we're tapping into a national moment and movement.

As Vanessa Friedman writes in the New York Times today, in a piece that includes Resistance by Design, "This is a rejection of the premise that political fashion is for marching on the barricades on your own time. This is a proposition for a new one: clothes as an overt expression of values to be worn all the time, anywhere."

The HERWAVE 2018 scarf is a manifestation of the frustration that women and their allies are feeling with the status quo.  It's a manifestation of the excitement about women leading change by running for office, winning primaries, and winning general elections.  It's a manifestation of women and allies supporting women in a multitude of ways.

We see it in the articles being written about the historic number of women running, and about how while those women lack access to the deep political pockets male candidates have accessed for a long time, they're raising significant funds from small donors who are demanding change and see the future in these women candidates.

We see it in the celebrities and activists who are wearing the HERWAVE 2018 scarf and sharing it with their followers.

Most importantly, we see it in the voters who can't wait to wear their HERWAVE 2018 scarves to the polls next week.

Thank you for all of your support.

dahna goldstein