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The summer of 2018, while many of us were feeling helpless and forlorn over our disastrous president and his spineless GOP, the ever entrepreneurial Dahna Goldstein reached out to her friend- the ever creative Alex Posen- with a good question: Why can’t I find clothes that will signal my political beliefs and be appropriate in a work environment? This thought, coupled with Dahna and Alex’s shared passion for making the world a kinder-saner-safer and bluer place led to the creation of Resistance by Design- a company dedicated to making professional and semi-formal resistance wear.

Our first project, HERWAVE 2018, is a printed scarf that celebrates the record number of women entering politics at this critical juncture in history. This gives us hope and motivates us. Fueled by the conviction that women can lead the Blue Wave, Alex Posen set out to draw illustrations of every single Female Democratic Congressional Candidate who is in the running for the midterm elections. When she started in early August, there were 230 democratic women running. By September 5th, when Resistance by Design launched the print, there were still a whopping 209 candidates left in the ring.

Alex Posen drew each and every candidate by hand. She sought to represent them in their most human, candid and empowered light. The challenge of weaving together of all of her drawings of the candidates turned out to be a profound experience for the Resistance by Design team. Taking a deep look at the glorious individuality represented in this historic group of women was moving, but even more powerful was sensing their collective force and significance.

HERWAVE has been a massive success, fueling conversations and solidarity nationwide. Resistance by Design has since created a handful of beautiful and powerful items. The REPRESENTATION MATTERS Tee celebrates the 116th Congress, and it’s many breakthrough firsts. HERWAVE PRESIDENTIAL is a colorful silk scarf that honors the record breaking number of female Presidential Candidates running for 2020 and also pays homage to the trailblazers that came before.